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About the journey

Like many children, I learned cursive. It was hard at first but I loved writing the word "joy." So many loops and swift lines. I would write it on everything and it became "my word." After a year or so of writing it, I would add more words to it... "life is a journey to joy." It eventually became the motto I hold today, "life is simply a beautiful journey to joy." 

Joy is my favorite thing. I like to define joy as a happiness that points to the divine. It is a stir in your heart that connects you to God. 


I personally love finding joy in the simple and small things. When I was young, I was known to love flowers and broken items no one saw a use for. This website is devoted to sharing and witnessing to those things that bring me joy and connect me to God in hopes it will connect you to Him as well! 


Photo Credit: John F. Rice

About the website

The following video is a promo video I created for my website featuring Professor John H. Walker from Franciscan University.

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