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2:33am in the morning. Gilmore Girls playing, thunder rumbling outside and my three and a half week old son laying on the bed just in front of me. My husband lays asleep next to me and I sit wide awake in front of my laptop working on various to-dos to relaunch my small business. I've always dreamed of being able to share joy with everyone I encounter and specifically share things that bring me joy with others. Having a small business helps me to reach more people and drive me to keep making items that bring me joy. Launching a small business is a lot of work, but a lot of fun. I started to make steps before giving birth to my first kiddo, but the little guy came a bit early and now I get newborn snuggles while writing descriptions for each item I've created.

It is now 2:42am and the rain started to get heavier and my little boy rolled from his back on the pillow I placed him on to his stomach without actually waking up. He is just like his father... could sleep through a tornado coming through our house. He is crazy strong for having been born two and a half weeks early. He lifts his head up all the time and flips himself over already.

Being a mother is such a blessing. It is hard, but comes so easily at the same time. It's neat how sacrifices have such a meaning when a little person who you get to call your own is involved. It brings me so much joy to look over from the kitchen while doing the dishes and I see the baby swing pop in and out of view and I get a glimpse of my sons eyes looking about (though he cannot see all that far in front of him yet).

Needless to say, I found joy today in the rumbling thunder outside, my little son laying next to me, my small business, and being a mother. :)

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