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Joy & Depression

One of the concepts I have found most interesting lately is how to find joy in negativity... namely in depression. While depression has always existed, I have noticed a huge rising in the numbers after covid.

It's sad how even saying that word "covid," is such a trigger. So many people during that time have been isolated, stuck inside with abusive families, unable to visit loved ones before their passing... you get the picture. It was such a depressing time, and depression is really tough. It is easy to get stuck in what feels a room full of either numbness or negativity filled with lies... or both. It's not great.

How can one break outside this room? How can one find joy in numbness or the endless lies filled in ones head that keep one trapped?

As one who has battled with depression outside of covid (and has increased with it) I want to share with you my own journey. First, I want to acknowledge that this is no easy battle. It truly is a battle, but always one worth fighting for.

What I have found is that there is always something to find joy in. I may have been blessed with a gift of finding joy in the smallest things, even a small flower (that really is just a weed) growing on the side of the sidewalk... but joy can be sought after by anyone.

The best way I have found to foster joy in your life despite depression is gratitude. Every day, find at least 3-5 things your grateful for. It may sound cliché, but it's also so underrated. To be grateful for something means to notice the true authentic goodness of something. To notice something beyond the negativity which therefore will help aid in taking you out of it.

Arti Yadav writes in the article 11 Powerful Reasons Why Gratitude is Important in Life that, "in psychology, gratitude is not given much importance before but after deep study, gratitude comes out as one of the greatest factors that instill positivity and overall well being in anyone’s life." This article is definitely worth reading!

Another article titled, Finding Joy in the Midst of Depression is a great one to read. The author also has journeyed through depression and is super down to earth and real. She provides a lot of clear and direct steps to take. She also mentions the importance of gratitude. She writes, 'You might think you don’t have a lot to be grateful for, but I promise that if you just start writing you'll be amazed. It will start to clear the fog in your mind and help lift your spirits."

The next blog I will write will focus more on the connection between joy and gratitude. This blog is the first step of discovering how to find joy, even in hardest times. I am discovering it with you! It truly is a journey and it gives me so much joy you are partaking in it. :)

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