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I'm currently cuddling my sleeping baby in a hammock I strung up between two trees by a little stream in the middle of the woods. I had little Peter in one of those carriers on my chest and hiked a little while until I found this perfect spot. A random call I had with a new friend after I got settled in the hammock reminded me of the gift it is to have my little son and the joys of motherhood. As I was talking to her about motherhood, my little guy was cooing and making super cute sounds, it was so adorable. It just kept conforming and reminding me of that truth.

Motherhood has so many unknowns that come with it. Especially being a new mom, there are so many new experiences and things you feel incapable of. So neat to have so many opportunities to lean on God because quite frankly you can't do it without Him.

My relationship with God looks so different now than it was before--particularly my prayer time. I don't always journal as often as I'd like, or get up to go to daily Mass. However, I do get to reflect while holding my son on how much love I have for this little guy and how much more love God must have for me. It's also been neat randomly reading the Mass readings when I can sometimes when I feed Peter.

Lord, thank you for the sound of the water pouring over the rocks nearby.

Thank you for opportunities to love new friends through my life experiences.

Thank you for hammocks you can string up anywhere.

Thank you for my sweet little Peter and the precious gift that he is.

Thank you for the gift of motherhood and the graces you pour in and through it.

Lord, please pour your abundant graces over mothers on this earth, especially new mommas. Give them peace and extra courage.

Mother Mary, you know our hearts best, wrap your cloak and warm and comforting arms around the mothers that need you most right now. Help them to know you're always here to journey with us and guide us through motherhood.


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