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Joy vs Happiness

Many people attribute joy with happiness. What is the difference? The way I see it is that happiness is something external while joy is internal. Happiness can come from physical things and be surface level, where joy hits deeper. It goes past the surface. It digs down to your deepest desires you may not even know exist and connect you to what surpasses them. It connects you to the divine. It connects you to what not only satisfies your needs but satisfies in abundance. It gives to you and then some.

But still, what IS joy?

Glory Dy writes in her article What is the Difference Between Joy and Happiness? " is something more selfless, which means that you have joy when it is not for mere personal gain. When you feel emotion thinking about how Jesus Christ died to save us, then it is joy. When you feel emotion when your loved one finally receives Christ, then that is joy. When you feel emotion when your loved one is experiencing joy like giving birth, for instance, then that, too, is joy. Joy is not only for yourself but for others."

Joy isn't simply centered around God and how much you or someone else loves Him, but joy does point to the divine whether or not you intend it to.

I find joy in simple things. If I'm driving and see any sort of color, like fall leaves or flowers on the side of the road, I'm the happiest girl alive...or should I say most joyful? ;) I love chickens, mason jars and typewriters. Anytime I see them I feel like a kid in a candy store and enter a different realm.

I like that... "I feel like a kid." You hear it said in the Bible that we should become like children to enter into heaven. There's something about kids that is so innocent and almost nothing holds them back from being joyful...except maybe mom telling them they need a nap.

That is joy. The innocence, the freedom...

The point of my blog and website is to share with you what gives me joy, "so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full" (John 15:11 NASB). I see life as a journey to joy...a *beautiful* journey to joy. If heaven is our destination and joy is what connects us to the divine, I want to share with you what will hopefully connect you to God and help in your journey to heaven where you joy will be made perfect.

So sit tight! Adventure awaits.

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